Marine Nutrients For Gorgeous Skin

Summer is here and we’re devoting this July to celebrating the wonder of our oceans. We’re fortunate to live in a world filled with tremendous natural beauty and power! We hope this article will inspire and empower you to be your best.

Nature provides us with an abundance of nutrients to support optimal health from a variety of sources. In this blog we’re focusing on marine nutrients from the sea and how they affect your skin. Read on to discover some fascinating information that will help you have gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin.

Throughout this article, ‘seaweed’ refers to seaweed, algae and other marine plants. The marine nutrients found in skin care products and treatments are derived from algae, seaweed, and other sources in our oceans and seas.

Seaweed and algae are loaded with healthy nutrients: vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, selenium, zinc, iodine, antioxidants, A, B, C,  E, and K vitamins, plus chlorophyll, phytonutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. No wonder seaweed and algae are a major source of food for salt water creatures of all types! Seaweed is good for us humans too.

Seaweed for Healthy Skin

Seaweed is pretty amazing in that varieties like giant kelp, rooted in the ocean floor, are some of the largest plants on the planet while other varieties are tiny and grow, rootless, suspended in the ocean.

The complex sugar molecules found in all types of seaweed support anti-aging naturally, Seaweed can help protect against free radicals, helps strengthen your skin’s cellular matrix, and is anti-inflammatory. It contains the compound fuciodan, which was proven to have anti-tumor properties in a UC Berkeley study. A study done at McGill University proved seaweed helps with the elimination of toxic metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum.

Seaweed and algae have been shown to be anti-carcinogenic, offering protection against UV B ultraviolet radiation, a big bonus for sun damaged skin. It is also an emulsifying ingredient, holding water and acting as a skin softening agent in organic skin care products. It is anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory, powerful benefits that slow the aging process and make skin glow with health. Astaxanthin, which is harvested from Haematoccoccus Algae helps in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, and is a potent antioxidant. You can learn more here or simply read on.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

As we age, we slowly lose elastin fibers in our skin. This, combined with slower cell turnover, decreased collagen, the buildup of UV light and free radical damage, plus loss of muscle tone over time, combine to make our skin less elastic and more prone to damage from microscopic tearing and UV light. The result? You guessed it. Wrinkles and the loss of desirable skin texture and firmness. Seaweed slows the loss of elastin and collagen in your skin while protectingand nourishing it. So if you want to slow the aging process seaweed is your new best friend!
Here’s a list of some of the trace elements found in seaweed and how they help your skin resist aging.

  • Copper - Skin rejuvenation; collagen synthesis; promotes integrity of connective tissue including blood vessels
  • Zinc - Skin firmness & elasticity; prevents oxidative damage & promotes cellular apoptosis of cancerous cells
  • Manganese - Collagen production & Glycos- aminoglucan synthesis
  • Iodine - Boosts metabolism, estrogen balancing, boosts Immune system
  • Selenium - Free radical scavenger
  • Silica - Strengthens hair, skin, nails
  • Chromium - Regulates glycemic index

Algae Based Skin Care

Algae is truly a superfood and is literally the base of the food chain! It is an amazing nutrient source in that it contains see minerals and trace elements, plus all the organic molecules that are the building blocks needed for life.

Ohio State University studies proved that brown algae polyphenols provide anti-cancer protection. Plankton enzymes measurably repair DNA damage. Carotenoids in algae and seaweed provide protection to cell membranes while the asthaxanthin found in algae is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants on the planet! All of this is found in the unassuming little marine plant algae. Isn’t mother nature amazing?

Algae also contains a compound called alguronic acid. When alguronic acid is extracted using the proper methods, and applied to your skin via high quality skin care products, it has been proven to increase the synthesis of elastin while also speeding up cell regeneration. This leads to younger looking skin.

Algae is also packed with chlorophyll which kills germs, reduces inflammation, fights candida albicans, and helps reduce scarring. Since it destroys germs so effectively it’s also excellent for eliminating acne, skin blemishes and healing wounds. Chlorophyll essentially heals our bodies while reducing inflammation. An interesting fact: Chlorophyll is also like blood inside plants and has a molecular structure that is very similar to our own blood’s hemoglobin.

The Power of Chlorophyll

You’ve heard that you should eat a diet full of green leafy vegetables? Chlorophyll is one of reasons why. Chlorophyll has been shown to help lower the risk for certain types of cancers, including liver and colon cancer in clinical testing. Using sunlight as a catalyst, plankton and algae actually repaired cellular damage to DNA in testing using an electron microscope. Mitochondrial DNA was also restored to health. Best of all, in clinical testing these repairs to DNA occurred within four hours after Marine Repair Cream  by Spa Technologies was applied to skin… truly powerful results!

Chlorophyll detoxifies your skin. According to Dr. Joshua Axe, studies done by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University showed that chlorophyllin and chlorophyll were equally effective at blocking uptake of aflatoxin-B1 in humans and decreasing biomarkers of aflatoxin-induced DNA damage.  This is just one example of the anti-carcinogenic properties of Chlorophyll.

Over 300 enzymes in the human body require magnesium to function, and chlorophyll is exceptionally rich in magnesium. Some of these same enzymes are responsible for DNA and cellular replication, again, critical to healthy skin and bodies. Magnesium is also essential for the distribution of oxygen inside our bodies, including oxygen to our skin. Your skin needs a healthy supply of oxygen to youthful; chlorophyll is an excellent catalyst to help achieve this.

Chlorophyll helps plants absorb and utilize sunlight. Amazingly, chlorophyll retains its ability to moderate sunlight even after it’s extracted from plants. When it’s added to skin care products it can actually absorb UV light before it reaches the skin to do damage.

Another interesting element found in some algae is a bacterial microphyte called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). This is an especially powerful little bacteria that is richer in minerals and proteins than mother’s milk! This type of algae can stimulate cell renewal while its wide range of nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, DHA, builds firmer skin and reduces inflammation. Algae cells are particularly permeable, making the nutrients it contains easily absorbed, a perfect ‘food’ for your skin.

The medical community knows that inflammation is a major root cause of aging and illness. Marine nutrients are especially good at reducing inflammation, both in the skin and internally. Lowered inflammation equals healthier skin and bodies!

Anti-Aging Marine Nutrients

Now that you know more about the incredible marine nutrients seaweed and algae contain it’s easy to understand why they can be a powerful anti-aging ingredients in skin care treatments and products (plus in your food diet). The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in seaweed are literally food for your skin because they are so easily absorbed, unlike some substances that are promoted in skin care but have molecules too large to actually be absorbed. Using marine botanical derived nutrients in skin care products is a no-brainer!

Feeding your skin a nourishing diet of all those vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids and amino acids listed above helps support the growth of new, healthy skin in a very gentle manner, while simultaneously detoxifying your skin. This is especially helpful for skin with rosacea, or skin that is sensitive or prone to allergic reactions and acne. You may notice measurable positive results from our calming facial and from using skin care products that contain marine sourced ingredients.

Are you inspired by this knowledge? We are! This is why our calming facial (on sale this month) uses organic seaweed and marine algae as main ingredients. Both have the anti-inflammatory, soothing properties that sensitive skin particularly needs.

The Best Marine Based Skin Products

By now you’re probably wondering what skin care products containing marine nutrients are the best so you can incorporate some into your beauty regimen. Below are two extremely high quality skin care product lines we carry in our Lifestyle Boutique. We’ve found formulations from these companies to be extremely effective. We also use the professional products from these companies in our specialty facials, like our calming facial. So if you want to try them out the calming facial will be a great way to do this and also to kickstart your new skin regimen.

OSEA Skin Care Products

OSEA natural, non-toxic, vegan skin care of Malibu offers some excellent products that use marine botanical, seaweed based formulas. We love that they offer specialized formulas for all skin types, from mature anti-aging, to acne prone, to sensitive skin care. Ingredients in OSEA products (link: include Algae Extract, Aloe, DPHP (a plant derived lipo-amino acid) , numerous botanical extracts, French Red Clay, Sacchromyces Extracts plus many more. OSEA makes exceptionally high quality products that yield measurable results.

We also love what is NOT in OSEA skin care: Animal By-Products, Genetically Modified Ingredients, Gluten, Nanomaterials, Parabens, PEG Compounds, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Phthalates, Sulfates, Synthetic Color, Synthetic Fragrance.

Spa Technologies Skin Care Products

Spa Technologies offers an exceptional line of organically sourced marine skin care products. Their products are used in many of the finest spas globally and they get their seaweed and algae form the purest organic sources worldwide.

Spa Technologies productscontain organic botanicals, seaweed and algae, essential oils, and proprietary speciality ingredients. We love that they are paraben-free, sustainably harvested, hypo-allergenic, gluten free, and contain power antioxidants. Their formulas are not tested on animals, and do not contain sulfates, mineral oil, or non-eco friendly preservatives. You can expect measurable results from formulas like their line of products containing liquid oxygen in addition to seaweed and algae.

In electron microscope imaging done to detect damage to DNA, Spa Technologies Marine Repair Cream was shown to radically diminish damage to cells.

Here is a list of attributes in Spa Technologies skin care products:

  • ORGANIC MAINE ALGAE: Combined with advanced anti-aging Bio-Technologies to prevent environmental damage
  • OXYGEN: Boosts metabolic rate to firm skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and reduce inflammation
  • ECO-PROTECTIVE SHIELD: Carotenoids, Fucoxanthin, Lutein Asthaxanthin, Vitamin C and Lycopene work to defend skin DNA
  • NATURAL PRESERVATIVES: Radish Root Ferment, (Kimchi Peptide) and Lactobacillus Probiotics, Micronized Silver
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Building the skin’s dermal matrix versus aggressive over-use of AHA’s and Retinol
  • No harmful chemicals and parabens
  • Certified Vegan Accreditation awarded in the UK and E

Powerful Skin Healing Results

We love helping our customers get great results. Now that you know more about marine botanicals for your skin we hope you’ll try them out for yourself. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you decide to try some! Giving yourself the gift of self nurturing on all levels is empowering. At Evo Spa, we’re here to support your highest evolution!