FACIAL add-ons

Add one or more of these highly effective and pampering treatments to any facial to heighten your results and your spa experience.

Ultrasonic Wand
With this powerful social add-on, ultrasonic waves powerfully exfoliate built-up dryness and dissolve congestion. Microcurrent penetrates serums and moisturizer deep into the dermal layer, stimulating collagen, to leave your skin smooth, toned and lifted. Gentle enough to use on Rosacea and acne.
15 minutes $25

Hydrating Eye Treatment
Ultrasonic exfoliation softens fine lines while a collagen facial mask nourishes and firms the eye area.
15 minutes $35

LED Light Panel
Experience the powerful anti-aging and healing results from LED lights. The results are amazing.
30 minutes $45 15 minutes $30

Scalp Treatment
Enhance your facial by adding an invigorating Scalp Treatment.
15 minutes $30