Body Therapies

Let your mind travel to a place of rest while your body takes the rejuvenating journey of a lifetime. Each body therapy treatment blends ancient healing traditions with exotic, potent products to promote relaxation of the mind and detoxification of the body.



Turkish Scrub

This body therapy blend of invigorating lemon, coffee, olive stone scrub and cardamom amber oil removes dull surface skin cells, improves circulation and nourishes, hydrates and deeply exfoliates the skin while you relax.

30 min. $65

Ginseng & Jade
Slimming Wrap

Tone, tighten and detoxify your body using the ancient Egyptian art of pressure wrapping. Powerful herbal formulas penetrate deep into your skin with our Infrared heat blanket and wrapping techniques. This body therapy will help contour and slim your body in all the right places. We recommend a course of six treatments for optimum results.

75 min. $165
series prices available


*Warning: Treatments involving body wraps are not recommended for people who are pregnant or have high blood pressure, diabetes, history of fainting or are on certain medications.