The Evo Spa Team


I'm from a lineage of Japanese women healers. I was taught and mentored by my grandmother, mother, aunties, nature, and Divine guides. My work is based on nature's elements, eco-systems, and Divine frequency and vibration. I'm "guided," rather than anything brainy, though it's quite strategic how it works. I know the body and how it functions quite well, as a studied dancer and athlete. The work is a combination of ancient and modern healing methods and techniques. Some of the modalities my work may include are:  prayer, breath work, visualization, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), assisted muscle release work, energy work and clearings, touch (reflexology, acupressure, deep tissue, sports injury, pre & post surgery or pregnancy, circular massage, and much more).
When I work, each experience is "conscious and unique" for each person. I specifically use the word "conscious" as people participate in their healing sessions. Why? A person who participates in their healing process, has far better results with their releases and has the capacity to remove the root cause of pain or discomfort. Why? One of many reasons, the brain synapses make solid connections while in "conscious" state (e.g. when focused breathing into a tight neck suddenly relaxes or releases, the brain, muscles, and entire body stores this information.) The body is very intelligent, all the way into the cellular level.

Those who are excellent candidates for my work are: Those who suffer pain or discomfort from injury, repetitive movement, or energetics. These individuals are those who are interested in and sincerely want to improve their health and wellness.

Great candidates are those with very demanding lifestyles. Athletes and sports enthusiasts (professional to amateur level) of running, hiking, biking, skating, paddling, surfing, skiing, swimmers, gym rats, yoga goers, pregnant women, and pre and post surgery, etc. People who are in professions that require repetitive movement or high stress (e.g. all business owners/executives, medical and dental professionals, attorneys, writers/journalists/editors, scientists, construction professionals and workers, service delivery couriers, drivers, IT techies and programmers, musicians, dancers, any type of performer or stage presence.