The Evo Spa Team


I have a life-long interest in health & healing. Because I have explored so many different aspects of this in my own life (exercise, nutrition, breath work, healing through art and meditation) I bring this to our session, even if no words are exchanged. Or to say it another way, my massage practice consists of first deeply connecting with myself and then opening a space for you to connect with yourself. If you come away with more joy, peace, and limberness in the body, I will be thrilled! And grateful that you have trusted my touch.

While all areas of the body are important, I feel I have a special skill with the neck and back. But I also enjoy helping with everything else: sciatic pain, repetitive stress injuries including "mouse elbow”, insomnia, plantar fasciitis, and general knee health. Clients have continued seeing me into their 90’s—because massage is a powerful tool for staying young!

My initial training was at the McKinnon Institute in Oakland where allowing for intuition in a session was as important as technique. Many other trainings followed, so I am happy to offer you a blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, and attention to the meridian flows in the body (I have been receiving acupuncture for thirty years). I am also trained in prenatal/postpartum massage and the lovely Raindrop Ritual.